We have something to be proud of!



have already reduced their utility bills and enjoying big savings.



at least 15% of our customers have saved 50% on their business energy bills.



most of our panel supplier highly regarded by their customers.

10 Yrs


since our inception we are continuously serving our customers.

Our Values

we help grow your business and save your costs

Customer Focused

We offer customised solutions to meet your individual requirements, so whether you are just setting up in business, are an established sole trader, or run a new medium sized company, we can provide the services you need.

Long-Term Partnership

We firmly believe in developing strong relationships with our clients, since we recognise that understanding your business is essential if we are to provide the most relevant service to you.

Smooth & Time Saving

We are committed to helping you run your business as smoothly as possible. Contracting your utility supply agreements through us allows you to focus on what you do best – developing and growing your business..


Who are we, what we exactly do?

Simply put, we help many thousands of firms achieve real savings on their electricity and gas bills every month – that’s exactly what every business wants.

We’re comprised of a team of customer care professionals who are extremely committed to what they do, and extraordinarily enthusiastic about helping you. They are proud to use their in-depth knowledge of the utility market to find the deal that’s just right for each client. Overseeing all this is a dedicated and experienced management team that ensures high standards and results at all times.

We are not shy about saying that we take enormous pleasure in delivering a top-quality and reliable utility broker service to all kinds of companies – and for no fees whatsoever. When we start out with a new client, our strategy is to work closely with each of them and to establish a long-term relationship. We are not in it for the short term.

Our professional and customer-focused staff not only help our clients clinch the very best energy deal available but also can carry out assessments to determine a variety of cost-saving solutions so that they are more streamlined, efficient and therefore more profitable. A win-win all around.

Because we have done so much for our clients, our service is recommended by many of them; we’re delighted to have an ever-expanding client portfolio that we help to get the best energy packages in their areas and make it extremely easy for them to make the right choice using our expert advice.